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UltraFLOW Air Filters


Pentius UltraFLOW Filters are available for a wide range of U.S. domestic and import vehicles with over 550 items.


Dirty air filters restrict air flow which can contribute to decreased acceleration, horsepower, and reduced overall performance and this product can eliminate those issues.


The UltraFLOW Air Filter by Pentius has been designed to provide your customer's engine with the clean air that is required for maximum efficiency and power output. By design, the best airflow possible is provided as impurities are removed from the intake air. Penitus air filters provide excellent engine protection for normal and severe driving conditions such as dirt roads, construction sites, stop-and-go traffic, short trips, and interstate travel.


Pentius offers OE equivalent UltraFLOW Air Filters for a wide range of U.S. domestic and import vehicles. Our primary focus is to provide quality products that meet the requirements of today’s high tech vehicles. Additionally, our filters have been priced to provide you with the best quality at a very reasonable price!


The UltraFLOW Air Filter is a direct replacement for the stock air filter, while meeting or exceeding original equipment (OEM) specifications and are manufactured in strict accordance with the ISO9001 Quality Management System.