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UltraFLOW Extended Life(UFXL) Oil Filters


Over the past few years, two important trends associated with “vehicle maintenance” have been apparent in the automobile industry! Vehicle manufacturers have been extending their oil change intervals as engine technology and longevity have improved. And, during the same time period, the lubricant manufacturers have been moving away from conventional oil, and moving toward synthetics, synthetic blends, and a wider variety of conventional oil viscosity.

These trends set the stage for the introduction of “Extended Life” oil filters, to match the fast-evolving enhancements in engines, and in motor oil. Quickly fading from view is the traditional “3,000 to 5,000 mile” oil change interval!

Following the lead of some of our oil filter competitors, Pentius Automotive Parts is pleased to introduce the new UFXL - Pentius UltraFLOW Xtended Life oil filters. This superior product is designed and engineered to maximize particle and toxin removal, while providing optimized oil flow and engine protection.

Primary features and benefits of the new Pentius UXFL filters are:

● 99% filtration efficiency for 20 microns and above particles

● Proven 10,000-mile(16,000Km) change interval using synthetic oil

● Optimized for both synthetic and conventional oil

● Long-life silicone anti-drain back valve and gasket

● Anti-slip texture on entire housing making the filter change easier and more secure.