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UltraFLOW Cabin Air Filters


Pentius offers some of best coverage in the aftermarket, with over 250 items of UltraFLOW Cabin Air Filters for U.S. domestic and import vehicles.


Sometimes the air quality inside cars can be even worse than the air outside, because road dust and pollen can flow through the air conditioning, heating and ventilation system contaminating the passenger compartment of the vehicle.


The UltraFLOW Cabin Air Filter has been designed for eliminating the intake of dust, pollen and particulates into the passenger compartment of the vehicle, helping provide a continually clean air environment. Because the UltraFlow Cabin Air Filter is designed with your customer in mind, changing to a new Pentius cabin air filter will help the vehicle's interior air stay clean and fresh. Our cabin air filters provide unbeatable performance when it comes to removing impurities in the air.


Pentius Cabin Air Filters are available in particulate and charcoal (carbon) configurations, covering most vehicles on the road today. Activated charcoal cabin filters offer enhanced capabilities to ensure both clean air and a healthy cabin environment. Along with particle removal, it's empowered with an activated charcoal embedded in the media fibers. This aids in absorbing harmful gases such as nitrogen dioxide, fuels, and ozone. It also helps eliminating odors resulting from molding buildup in the ventilation system.


Replacing a cabin air filter every twelve months or 12,000 miles improves air quality in the vehicle's cabin and helps to protect the A/C system. Refer to vehicle owner's manual for recommended maintenance schedules.


The UltraFLOW Cabin Air Filter is a direct replacement for the stock air filter, while meeting or exceeding original equipment (OEM) specifications and are manufactured in strict accordance with the ISO9001 Quality Management System.